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Case Closer Package
  • Tailored Coaching
  • Includes 5 sessions
  • 100+ candidates coached

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I offer a personalized approach tailored to your needs. Each session will be 60-75 mins of detailed case drills and specific feedback. 

My first session is typically an MBB-style mock case interview (interviewer or candidate-led depending on the style that you want to focus on) to assess your preparedness. Post the mock case interview I can discuss with you your overall level of preparedness in light of the deadlines you face. I will suggest the most helpful next steps for you and answer any questions and doubts you have about the interview process. If there is a particular aspect that you would like to improve (structuring, case math, data interpretation) we will hone in on that specific area, review techniques, and run through some focused drills to ensure that each part of your case is perfect.

For the fit interview preparation, we will review the common questions, and structure your stories to make them really stand out.




Ashwin's Coaching Package
Case Closer Package
Includes 5 sessions
Tailored Coaching
Includes 5 sessions
100+ candidates coached

Five tailored sessions that typically last 60-75min!

Proven approach: 100+ candidates have used my private coaching services and secured roles at McKinsey, BCG, and Bain in the last 12 months

Tailored sessions: We can jointly draw up a plan on how to make the best use of the 5 sessions, depending on the initial assessment of your casing strengths and weaknesses. For example, we could focus on structuring drills, estimation drills, exhibit interpretation, etc. 

Comprehensive: Receive detailed feedback and tips on all casing dimensions during our session. 

Challenging practice cases: Cases are sourced directly from MBB and the difficulty level has been further enhanced 


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