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How to increase sales - 20 minute presentation for a lawyer.

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Recent activity on Apr 27, 2019
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Patrice asked on Apr 25, 2019

The Norwegian market for law services is characterized by increased competition and a strong desire from the clients to get more for less.

The law firm has a turnover of NOK 590 million, and during the last three years it has had a flat turnover.
The past year the company had 4,500 cases for 1,700 clients. The law firm has 40 partners and 110 employees. The company is organized based on professional focus.

The sales and marketing work is largely done by the partners and there are large variations in what is done and how much is done.

The partner is measured on the turnover they have as client-responsible (clients registered on the partner) and how much turnover one has as project manager on matters.

What measures should be taken to increase sales?

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replied on Apr 26, 2019
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Hi Patrice,

We are happy to help you to improve your solution. Would you want to share your initial solution first?


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Patrice on Apr 27, 2019

Thank you! Posted my intended solution together with some more info.

Patrice replied on Apr 27, 2019

Thank you Serhat!

I got some additional info from the company when I asked for some more data before I started working on ny case: «; We imagine that you will hold a presentation for a maximum of 20 minutes.
The numbers you ask for can unfortunately not be provided. The numbers you have received in the case are also not our companys numbers.

This is just a case where you have to take the prerequisites you think are necessary. So all the questions you ask in the mail are the prerequisites you need to take even in preparation.»

This is the framework i intended to use. I just took it from this site here, from Vlad. I was thinking in just mapping it out and explaining that I would go into these numbers and look into them more deeply - afterwards. Since I understand that this is a presentation, and not a dialogue where data is given during the case interview. I am given 20 minutes and no data, so I am a bit confused in what I could do with that time. Rather than expecting to calculate I think they just want to see that I have a framework in place. Please correct me if im wrong here.


Analyze the market:

  • Size and growth rates of lawyers in Norway
  • Segments (geographical, customer, product)

Analyze the competitors:

  • Market shares, growth rates, profits
  • Product / customer / geographical mix
  • Key capabilities (Distribution, supply, assets, knowledge, etc)

Analyze our company:

  • Market share, growth rates, profit
  • Product / customer / geographical mix
  • Key capabilities (Distribution, supply, assets, knowledge, etc)

How to increase revenues:

  • How to increase the scope: Increase amount of services / increase amount of customers,increase where we hit our clients geographically
  • How to answer the competitors (Unique or hard to build contracts; Customers / complements with lock-in; Reputation and relationships; Organizational capabilities; know-how)
  • Other benefits of scale (Spreading Fixed costs, Change in technology, Bragaining power)
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