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How to find a good structure

McKinsey Structure
New answer on Aug 30, 2022
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Anonymous asked on May 26, 2017

Hi everyone,

i still have the big problem that i can´t find a good structure after reading a clients problem. as you know structure is everything. if u have one then you can explain your ideas and find a good solution. but what if you read the case and the problem and you can´t structure your thought? what can i do to improve this skills?

thanks in advance

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Content Creator
replied on Aug 30, 2022
50+ successful coachings / Ex-Mckinsey JEM & Interviewer / Industry + Engineering background

Dear A,

in general a good structure can be evaluated by a certain depth and breadth. The “depth” should be at least 3-4 levels while the “breadth” should cover the entire solution space. You can cross-check this with the MECE principles (For details see respective article on Preplounge), but the CE (collectively exhaustive) part is basically defining your breadth.

Finally, make sure to check for inter-linkages in your structure and point them out.


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replied on Jun 01, 2017
PrepLounge Head of Product & Marketing
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replied on May 28, 2017
x-BCG Dubai, x-Recruitment lead for BCG, Case Interview Expert (350+ interviews, 100% recommendation rate), Ops Manager @ Uber

Hey Ajmal,

If you could be a bit more specific, I could perhaps try and help out.

Otherwise, i'd advise you to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Oh and read Victor Cheng, his frameworks work like magic.



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Simon gave the best answer


Content Creator
50+ successful coachings / Ex-Mckinsey JEM & Interviewer / Industry + Engineering background
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