How much selfies are posted on social media in Sierra Leone in a week

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Anonymous A asked on May 30, 2020

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Anonymous updated the answer on May 31, 2020

Hey! I really liked Ian's way, but I was thinking of the following:

Population (Sierra Leone) * % of people who have access to the internet (Given that Sierra Leone is a developing country, we can say roughly 15%) * % of people who are interested in social media (age is a key factor here, so expect a high penetration rate within the younger age brackets and the opposite for the older age brackets) * average number of selfies per person per week.

Would be great to hear some feedback on this approach.


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replied on May 31, 2020
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Hi there,

This would be another top-down approach (like the rice question you've asked).

I would recommend the following approach:

Understand the approximate population of Sierra Leone

Split the population by age (The logic here is that social media usage changes most by age) Note: Most countries in africa have a narrow population pryamid...meaning there are a lot more young people than old people.

Estimate the % of each age band with eletronic devices and internet (You should note income splits by age here: i.e. the youngest and the oldest might not be able to afford these)

Estimate the % using social media by age band (i.e. teenagers, young adults, adults, and elderly) (you should make note of 1) Where these groups are (i.e. city vs rural)...i.e. if they're rural (higher % elderly), they're less interested in social media

For the same age bands: estimate the daily frequency of social media use, for those using it

Multiply out and viola :)

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updated an answer on Jun 02, 2020
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Hi - one example approach outlined below

  • Population of Sierra Leone - 7.5M
  • Assume equal distribution for simplicity and life span of 60 so you get 125,000 at every year till 60
  • People that post on social media, assume they are 15-55 (or any other reasonable age group) - that os 40*125k = 5M
  • Assume that 2M heavy users, 2M Med/Light users ,1M rare users
  • Heavy users - on avg 3 selfies a week, medium -1 and light less than 1 a week (say one a month)
  • That gives you ~ 850K (heavy), 550K medium and 35K light - so total of 1.45M selifes a day in Sierra Leone


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replied on May 31, 2020
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I would do:

  1. Sierra Leona´s population calculation
  2. % that have a device (not only mobile phone, also tablet works for selfies)
  3. # of selfies a person takes/week
  4. # of those that get posted

Hope it helps!



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