How long do MBB fims keep job applications on file? And they cross reference current applications with previous applications?

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Anonymous A asked on Sep 21, 2017

I applied to BCG 8 years ago following my MBA. My MBA marks weren't great so I wasn't called in for an interview. If I recall correctly, it was mandatory to enclose our transcripts when applying hence I am assuming I didn't get interviewed because of my marks.That and my CV wasn't presented overly well. Going through my old emails I can only find one email from BCG - the automatic response saying my application was received. I couldn't find any other correspondence from BCG and there was no email saying that I was formally rejected.

My career has progressed somewhat since the MBA and my background fits in nicely with a niche area of BCG's practice. As such I am thinking of putting in an application.

Does anyone have any insight into whether BCG holds on to old applications? Will they do so even if the application was 8 years old and the candidate wasn't even called in for an interview? I would hate them to still have old my CV and transcipt and refer back to that and conclude that I am not worth interviewing.


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replied on Sep 21, 2017
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Hi Anonymous,

you can definitely apply ex-novo for BCG – they may still have your previous application registered but they will not consider it as a direct reference, given the time difference.

As for the application, I would try to focus in particular on two things:

  1. Show a strong fit with the niche practice you mentioned, to emphasize the value you could give compared to other candidates.
  2. Find a referral to strengthen the application. There are far less slots available for experienced hires compared to MBA graduates, thus, unless you have a strong introduction, it could be even more challenging to be considered for an interview now then before.

Once received an invitation, you may also want to have a clear explanation of your progress since the last application, as a backup in case they ask about that.

Hope this helps,


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