How is the consulting recruitment (post-MBA) like in the middle east now?

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Anonymous A asked on Apr 18, 2021

How is the consulting recruitment like in the middle east now?

on Apr 30, 2021
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on Apr 30, 2021
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Hi there,

While I don't have insight into each specific company/office, I can tell you that I am currently seeing a boom in candidates from north america and not too many in the middle east.

There is hiring happening in ME and I do have a number of candidates interviewing there (specifically for UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon) but I would not say it's necessarily strong at the moment.

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At the experienced hire level, whilst it isn't necessarily as active as it was in 2020, the largest firms are still very much hiring.

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Anonymous B replied on Apr 19, 2021

For the Middle East, atleast speaking about BCG, they redirect all interest in the Dubai office to Riyadh and Doha as they have a long list of people who received offers but haven't started yet due to the backlog related to Covid so the interns who received offers are now getting their start dates moved earlier. So basically yes, there is a boom but there is also a backlog, for the Dubai office atleast. Other firms like ADL, Kearny, etc are also interviewing a lot. Many of my friends have several interviews lined up

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