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How is Bain's Group Dynamic part of the recruitment process?

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Recent activity on Apr 10, 2017
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Anonymous A asked on Apr 09, 2017

Does someone have experience with Bain's Group Dynamic part and can give me advice on how to prepare for that? Thanks in advance!

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Anonymous B replied on Apr 10, 2017


I went through the interview process with Bain in São Paulo and took part in the group dynamics simulation. Depending on how many candidates there are, you will get divided into small groups of 3-4 people. You will have 3 hours time to solve the business case and present the solution in front of Bain consultants. They will evaluate your ability to work in teams and to communicate. I prepared cases and otherwise I just read a bit online about group dynamics in general. There are four main downsides of group dynamics you also need to avoid during the interview

  • Conformity: don’t go along with the group if you don’t agree with them. This doesn’t mean to unnecessarily debate points or conclusions, but if you really think someone is saying something wrong, say so

  • Group polarization: try to avoid an extreme decision due to group dynamics, e.g. less afraid to take risk

  • Obedience to authority: It’s not good for a company when subordinates never challenge their superiors’ decisions, so after presenting your solution, be open for feedback but stand to your points if you think it’s correct (they might just be testing you, as the situation would be in front of the real client)

  • Bystander effect: if people are unsure what to do, and others are around who don’t do anything either, noone will end up doing anything. Imagine your group is getting asked a difficult question. Don’t be afraid to answer, even if others might seem clueless.

I guess overall you can’t prepare that much for the group exercise. In general, it’s always important to be balanced in those group cases. Try to involve everyone, and don't talk too much but not too little either. Be confident! Best of luck :)

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