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How important is the first job for getting in an MBB firm?

Anonymous A asked on Mar 13, 2019

I am a fresh graduate of management engineering and last year I interviewed with Bain (2nd round) and McKinsey (1st round) meanwhile doing my thesis, without positive results (feedback about structure). I am thinking of trying again in a 2-year frame time with more work experience on my hands.

Recently I received an offer to join the commercial team of KHC Southern Cone and my only worry is if this position is in the track for consulting. How much does it affect the previous work experience (the first job for me in this case) the chances to get into the interviews in an MBB firm again? Should I pursue a job or industry in particular to improve my odds?

Thanks in advance!

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Vlad replied on Mar 14, 2019
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The better the brand is the better. However, it might work a year from now if you have a target University. Noone can tell you for sure


replied on Mar 20, 2019
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It depends on whether you are planning to get an MBA later or not. If not, then it helps if you've shown some growth in your current job before you apply. e.g., received a promotion or worked on a critical project. Obviously, it doesen't hurt if your company has great brand value.

If the company you're working for does not have a very established brand value, getting an MBA from a prestigious university can help strengthen the application



replied on Mar 13, 2019
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There is no true "consulting track", the firms (MBB especially) are largely hiring a potential more than an expertise. As long as you can demonstrate professional growth, this will be fine. A company brand name would be better though.

Obviously, many more parameters enter in the calculus of whether to grant you an interview or not - but I'll assume here you are already in good shape since these firms interviewed you previously.