How does COVID-19 affect the daily work of a consultant at ECON?

New answer on Apr 27, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Apr 25, 2020


Thanks for this opportunity. I have some questions regarding the current daily work of a consultant at ECON and would love some insights:

  • Were all of your current projects affected by COVID-19?
  • Do you have to approach them in a different way now?
  • Did perhaps new projects emerge due to COVID-19?

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Nele replied on Apr 27, 2020
Junior Project Manager

Hello! thank you for your questions, in fact COVID-19 influences our daily work here. First of all, we no longer travel to our project teams - this is a new and exciting experience for us. Fortunately, we at ECON are already experienced in the virtual management of teams, so we were well prepared when Corona stopped letting us travel. Even our projects located at our headquarter in Essen are now managed virtually and our teams stay in home office most of the time. So yes, all our projects are affected by COVID-19, and yes, we are currently approaching our project teams via phone, mail and virtual meetings. It's challenging, but it's also exciting, and it's taking digitalization in our business to the next level. Of course, as part of the E.ON family, ECON is also actively helping to find solutions to the new challenges we face due to COVID-19.

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