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How do i find areas of partnership and potential partners

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Recent activity on Jan 19, 2017
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Gaurav asked on Jan 18, 2017

I am an intern working for an international IT company. My first project is around partnership.

The objective is to find a partner for our department. Our department provides customer experience solution and is relatively new compared to other departments (Hence the management is willing to invest in it). We would like to find new partners but have no idea in which area (Could be related to enhancing capabilities of our solution, or a company that could help us increase sales like partnership with a management consulting firmer anything).

The mission given to me is the following:

1. Identify potential areas of partnership?
2. Identify and evaluate potential partners?

I would like you to guide me through your opinions on the approach, frameworks, reading materials, or any latest technology trend etc.

I would like to thank you in advance for using your analytical brains and helping me out!


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Anonymous replied on Jan 19, 2017

Hi Gaurav,

Your ask is complex. One simple way to start is by considering what your department is doing now and what they have trouble doing (or are unable to do but want), especially as it relates to supporting realization of the company's goals.

An understanding of the department's current capabilities at a high-evel and gaps that exist will enable you to priortize departmental needs for execution today and what may need to happen in order to support growth. From there, identifying players that can fulfill those respective needs will help give you a starting point on a list potential partners.

Clearly, it is much more complicated than the explanation I provided above when you begin explore strategic, financial, and operational fit and when thoughts move toward building for the future as opposed to a current need.

Hope that helps.

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Gaurav on Jan 25, 2017

Hello Sir, Thank you very much for your answer. I was thinking something along the same line and your answer has validated it. It's a great help. Thanks again -Gaurav


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