How difficult is a technical interview at McKinsey for a recent engineering graduate.

McKinsey recent graduate Technical Experience Interview
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What is the role?

If you are talking about McKinsey Digital - these roles are not that much different from McKinsey Generalist. The major difference is a separate staffing. You will have a different staffing coordinator who has to approve all your projects. In general, it gives you more opportunities since you can be staffed both on IT and generalist projects.

Specifically, McKinsey digital is working on IT strategy, Agile transformations, etc. It also depends on the country where you apply - while in US you can expect a lot of Digital projects, in other countries most of your projects will be in various industries and functions

All of the above has the following implications on the interview process:

  • You should prepare similarly to the regular McKinsey interviews (i.e. cases and fit parts)
  • You should be ready to solve specific cases related to IT (e.g. agile transformation cases. The case process itself will be very similar to the regular Mck interview)
  • You should be ready to talk on IT topics (Hint: read as many articles on McK website about digital transformations)
  • 1-3 of the partners on your interviews will be from McKinsey Digital. You can collect some information about interviewing with them in advance (background, cases, questions, etc)


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Anonymous replied on Aug 29, 2018

This is a vague question which would need to be clarified/elaborated in order to get any meaningful feedback. What specific role are you applying for (e.g. McKinsey Digital, Analytics, etc.)?

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Sarala on Aug 29, 2018

Analytics- Deep learning Specialist

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