How are the chances and the working environment for women in consulting?

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Anonymous A asked on Jul 29, 2017

As a woman I am curious how the chances are for me to get into MBB? Worse or maybe better due to the female quota? And is the working environment very male dominant? Maybe some women (or men) can share their experience, it would be really helpful. Thank you!

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replied on Jul 30, 2017
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It depends on the company:

1) Tier 2,3 consulting companies (Accenture, PWC) have a huge share of women and better work-life balance so I believe there have no specific hiring targets.

2) BIG3 companies have fewer women and In general, chances are higher than for man for the following reasons:

  • Competition is lower since there are fewer applications from women
  • MBB firms have strong gender equality KPIs that are much higher than in Tech or other industries.
  • They have special promotion campaigns for women and dedicate special resources for that. You can attend special recruiting events and even find a prep mentor among consultants.
  • The work environment in BIG3 firms is very much inclusive and unbiased. There are also enough female partners and of course salary levels are the same. The only exception - you may not get specific projects in Saudi Arabia or in Mining.

Good luck

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replied on Dec 10, 2019
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It´s a boys club, since they are much more. HOwever, there are plenty of female inspiring leaders too, and you won´t have less opportunities.

I worked mostly with guys, but always felt wonderfully treated.



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