Hi, I heard that the PST was removed from the process (at least in France) ? Do you know if that's true ?

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New answer on Sep 20, 2020
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Laura asked on Sep 03, 2018

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Anonymous replied on Sep 03, 2018

McKinsey has indeed removed PST as a requirement from several offices.

If you wanted to confirm for France, the way to be sure would be to contact the recruiting department at McKinsey Paris and ask - either email or call!

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Anonymous replied on Sep 20, 2020

Hi Laura,

I've heard they did it in some offices.

Better contact HR to receive the relevant information for your targeted office.

Best, André

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Ismael replied on Sep 30, 2018
+40 Cases. I am actively preparing MBB, OW, ATK, RB..Looking for a reliable partner to train regularly.

Salut Laura, un ami qui se prépare à Mck m'a dit la même chose dernièrement quant aux PST.

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replied on Sep 03, 2018
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In some offices, however, have not heard about France


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