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Hi Good folks! I have recently submitted my resume for a MBB consultant position as an experienced hire. While i have not heard officially from HR - one of the firm's current consultants has reached out to me to have coffee to answer any questions i have about the firm. My questions are: 1.) Is this normal? 2.) What questions should i ask? 3.) What questions should i be prepared to answer? Thanks guys!

Someone asked on Sep 03, 2018 - 3 answers
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Benjamin replied on Sep 03, 2018
ex-Manager - Natural and challenging teacher - Taylor case solving, no framework


I indeed have several examples of such situations, where a consultant is contacting you (on behalf of HR) to answer your question.

The purpose is for you to gather the information you would like to learn about the firm before the formal interviews, and for them to quickly check that you will fit (at least no counter order).

1. Yes, depending on the firm it happens, specially for experienced hire

2. Ask questions about the firm current business (what industries, types of jobs, etc), culture (how the integration of experienced hire works ) and opportunities (training, exposure)

3. Be Ready to quickly introduce yourslef and the reasons of you rmove to consulting and more specifically to the targgeted firm

Hope this helps



Someone replied on Sep 03, 2018

I was in the same situation with McK, that's a very good sign, that you will shortly receive an invitation.

For me, the person and I mainly discussed the Interview process and which things to focus on.

He had a similar background (engineering + same University) so we connected quite quickly and I asked him for his main recommendations when going into the process.


Anonymous C replied on Sep 03, 2018

May I ask you what office did you apply to?

Does this happen ONLY if you are an experienced hire or also a studnet form the Master?

Thank you