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Hi, does anyone have any advice for a KPMG Case Interview?

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Anonymous A replied on 11/06/2017

I think KPMG's case interview is very different as compared to traditional strategy consulting firms. I applied 2 years ago and got the offer. They would give you a topic, ask you to prepare for it for about 5 days and come back for a 10-minute presentation. Then, it's Q&A both on the topic and also competency-based questions.

Preparing strategy cases would help with your communication and commercial awareness, but generally it does not directly contribute to your performance at a Big 4 interview.

P.S. I applied to London 2 years ago - not sure if they have changed the structure now.

Anonymous B replied on 11/07/2017

I recently interviewed with them for their management consulting practice at one of their Canadian offices.

First round was the usual case interview, fit questions + a candidate-led case. Although the cases were easier compared to MBB.

Final round was a written case where they gave me a case study and I had to use excel and pivot tables to analyze some data, and then synthesize it on PowerPoint slides. There was a presentation and a Q&A to panel at the end.

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