Hi, does anyone have any advice for a KPMG Case Interview?

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Benedikt asked on Nov 06, 2017

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Anonymous B replied on Nov 07, 2017

I recently interviewed with them for their management consulting practice at one of their Canadian offices.

First round was the usual case interview, fit questions + a candidate-led case. Although the cases were easier compared to MBB.

Final round was a written case where they gave me a case study and I had to use excel and pivot tables to analyze some data, and then synthesize it on PowerPoint slides. There was a presentation and a Q&A to panel at the end.

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Oleksandra on Nov 24, 2018

Hi, can you please give more details about this written case? how much data you had to analyze? was it only about data analyzing and synthesize?

Anonymous A replied on Nov 06, 2017

I think KPMG's case interview is very different as compared to traditional strategy consulting firms. I applied 2 years ago and got the offer. They would give you a topic, ask you to prepare for it for about 5 days and come back for a 10-minute presentation. Then, it's Q&A both on the topic and also competency-based questions.

Preparing strategy cases would help with your communication and commercial awareness, but generally it does not directly contribute to your performance at a Big 4 interview.

P.S. I applied to London 2 years ago - not sure if they have changed the structure now.

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Anonymous C replied on Dec 23, 2017


I have recently applied in KPMG in strategy consulting and got the offer.

There were several stages: online tests, written case, HR interview and 3 case interviews with Managers.

Written case was a market entry case, for live case interviews there were brainteasers, market-sizing questions and also 2 market-sizing cases.

The resources, such as "Case in Point" by Marc Casetino, "Secrets of Case interview" by Victor Cheng and articles and tutorials here, in PrepLounge were actually very helpful.

Best regards.

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