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  1. Which of the following statements is TRUE based on the information provided in Exhibit 2?

    1. Hours grew by 24% across all ten countries over the last 12 years

    2. Slovenia had the greatest growth in Productivity over the last 12 years

    3. Spain had the least growth in Productivity over the last 12 years

    4. Germany had the least growth in Hours over the last 12 years

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Anonymous replied on Jul 22, 2017

According to the solutions of the test:

"B – Growth in productivity can be calculated by multiplying the overall growth rate by the proportion that is due to productivity. Observing that Slovenia has the highest overall growth rate, and the second highest proportion due to productivity is sufficient to establish that Option B is correct. Option A is incorrect as Hours growth can be calculated by multiplying overall growth by the proportion due to Hours and in every country this can be seen to be much less than 24%. Option C is incorrect as Italy has the least growth in productivity. Option D is incorrect as Slovenia has the least growth in Hours."

Since I'm assuming you have read the solutions the quicker way to solve the question is through elimination:

A - Hours grew by 24% all countries: obviously wrong just by looking at it

B - This is actually straight forward to notice its true since Slovenia is the country with highest average annual business sector growth and the second when it comes to productivity

C - Just compare Italy and Spain

D - this is harder to notice by you can quickly compare Germany and Slovenia


Overall instead of trying to get the right answer try to quickly eliminate the ones that cannot be right to improve chances

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