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Help: Case Interview @ Deloitte Digital

Recent activity on Jan 27, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Jan 26, 2020

Hi everyone,

I have a case study interview at Deloitte Digital in the next couple of weeks for a Digital Marketing Consultant position. I am told the interview is 2 hours. 1 hour to prepare before hand and 1 hour of questioning. I pressume I will be given alot of data / information and have to present back on the methodology I would use to help solve the client problem?

I am a bit lost in regards to how to approach this? Any tips on how to prepare? Any things I can get out of the way already? How should I structure my presentation?

This is for technology consutling.


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replied on Jan 27, 2020
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


That's a usual written case exercise. I've uploaded some samples here:

(Message me for a password)

The best way to prepare is the following:

  1. Check if the calculator is allowed. If not - you have to train mental math. I posted the main tips here:
  2. Prepare for a regular case interview - it helps a lot. Basically, prep lounge website is about it
  3. Practice making slides. Look for publically available MBB presentations for reference. Good books are "Pyramid Principle" and "How to make it with charts"
  4. Practice reading cases fast and prioritizing the information. I found useful two sources:
  • Written cases you'll be able to find in google or in case books. I've seen a couple in "Vault Guide to the Case Interview" and "Insead Business Admission Test"
  • Harvard cases - either buy or try to find online. You can find a couple of MIT cases here for free: Unfortunately free cases don't have the prep questions.

You'll have to create a presentation either on paper or flipboard. The structure can be the following:

Slides 1-2Context, Objective, Recommendations

Slide 2-4: Analysis (Usually 1 slide per analysis / initiative)

Slide 5: Next steps or risks & mitigation


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