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Having BCG online test in 3 weeks, how should i organize my preparation time?

Lior asked on Sep 30, 2017 - 3 answers

Should i either keep solving interview cases or focus only in the required skills to achieve success in the test?

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updated his answer on Oct 01, 2017
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Hi Lior,

I agree with Marc, it would be a good habit for you to keep doing case interviews as the test is in three weeks – 15 hours in general should be sufficient to prepare for the BCG test (10 hours for 10 different test simulations + 5 hours to review potential mistakes and redo the parts of the test where you did mistakes). The best preparation is of course based on BCG sample tests; I agree PST could be a good back up, although they have a different structure, in case you run out of the proper tests.

Below you can find some additional tips on test preparations:




Hello Francesco, I haven't found any sample test for BCG Potential test (besides the one sent by email by BCG before the 1st round). Do you know where we can find some? Thank you! Marine — Marine on Oct 01, 2017

replied on Oct 01, 2017
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Hi Lior,

As Francesco and Marc highlighted, a good mix between interview cases and test preparation is ideal but please keep in mind that you're not getting the interview chance if you don't pass the test.

As for the test: BCG sample tests are the greatest prep source but I personally don't believe PST is the best back-up. This is because BCG tests sometimes fall into pure math like geometry questions (no business context at all) - and this is why I think the GMAT quant questions are a better source of questions. Additionally, there is also an "infinite" amount of questions to train ;)

I'd suggest you to do 2-3 sample tests to check what are your strengths and weaknesses - be honest to yourself and try to close whatever gaps you might have.

Wish you the best of luck!



Marc replied on Sep 30, 2017

Hello, I am also preparing for the BCG online test, let me give you some tips:

1.- Continue solving interview cases, because after the test they can (sometimes) not give you enough time to prepare for the first round.

2.- In terms of preparation, focus on accuracy at first and then on speed. You can practise using also PST, even though they do not have the same dynamics.

3.- You have enough time to prepare, so get started now practising mental math skills and also interpreting graphs from BCG Perspectives or McK Quarterly to get used to interpreting raw data.

Take care,

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