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Got The Job; When to Start?

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Hi! Much thanks to this website I finally landed my dream job at McKinsey. They offered me a few different start dates: e.g. Beginning of September or Mid-October. Question is: how "well rested" must one be to take on these consulting jobs? Of course I realize it very much depends on the person but still.

Right now I am taking a very relaxed language class (3 hrs per day, not part of my degree, Ive graduated already, it's more for fun) until end of August. Which would give me only a week or so of "pure" vacation before I'd start in September. Then again, I have some extended weekends here and there until then. Without consulting anyone Id go for September since excited to start, but wanted to hear from people with experience, if a later start date is always better, and if being as well rested as possible is key here! Many thanks!!

(I'd probably travel or do nothing if opting for the later start date, but figured consultants get at least Some vacation too?? At least from their website it says they encourage people to take a few weeks off in the summer but don't know how true this is. I only have gruesome banking experience before so hard to tell).

Thank you!!


replied on 02/22/2017
Former BCG consultant and adult trainer with experience in US, India, and Middle East

So, everyone is different with their personal needs for down-time, but from my (BCG) perspective, it's better to start earlier in the year - why? Because consulting billing slows considerably closer to December because of the holidays (this may be a different month in different regions, so if not in the US/Europe, apply this same logic to your situation). Therefore, if you start in October or November, for example, there is a greater chance you aren't staffed onto a client case until January or February (when billing tends to pick back up). Since the clock is always running on your promotion windows, you don't want to wait that long to get staffed. I'd go with September, in your case

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