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Good books for preparing cases?

Anonymous A asked on Apr 28, 2017 - 2 answers

What are some of the top 2-3 books for 'cases' ONLY? I am not looking for books like Case In Point etc. where more than half the book is dedicated to understanding what cases are, rather than the cases themselves.

I know Insead, and Kellog have theirs. But I am not sure how to get hold of them.


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Coach on a break - no longer active
replied on Apr 29, 2017
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Hi Anonymous :)
I would personally suggest Kellogg 2011, Wharton 2010, Stern 2016.
I would strongly recommand you to start by reading and understanding the sectors trends in Stern 2016. That would be very helpful to tackle the cases.
However, reading the cases in casebooks is not very uselful. You can leverage you experience in Preplounge by setting up meetings with mates/Experts and ask them to give you cases from those casebooks.
Finally, I would strongly suggest you to read the press (FT, Wall street journal, Local & national business press in your contry) in order to be up to date with the businesses.
I wish you the best for your preparation and do not hesitate to send me a message if you need any additional help/advice.

replied on May 01, 2017
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Hey anonymous,

I would also recommend finding people in consulting and having them give you cases they actually worked on. I have realized that this is the best way to understand how consulting actually works and it acts as a surprisingly impactful way to prepare for an actual case interview.

When it comes to books per se, I could not agree more with the comment above. Kellog 2011 is my favorite, given the quantitative nature of their cases. If you can solve that math, you should not fear what will come in the interview :)

Hope you find this helpful.