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Framework for Salesforce Optimization - Pharma

case study
New answer on Jul 07, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Jul 07, 2019

Stuck on understanding the factors/framework for a question like this. A pharmaceutical company is planning on launching a new drug. How should they design their sales force (number of reps etc..)

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Jamie replied on Jul 07, 2019
Former Tier 2, now MBB in Dubai. Here to chill :)

Hi there,

I've actually done some projects exactly on that scope (new drug/growth strategy and define a go-to-market model (which includes design their sales force). My experience therefore is not from case study but from actual project experience.

1. Market landscape review (inc. product)

Here you understand patients, procedures, prices, accounts, etc

2. External validation of opportunities and barriers

Standard of care, unmet needs, funding

3. Prioritization of growth opportunities for new product

quick wins, initiatives, requirements

4. Go-to-market model definition for product

account prioritization, engagement model, commercial set up (# of people and so on)


In your case I would assume 1 to 3 would not be necessary to go in depth however if you want ot define a GtM stategy you need to understand first the landscape, which opportunities the client wants to prioritize, which accounts will he be targetting and so on.

In a real project phase 4 would be something like:

1 - Define account prioritization

Developed bases on country to address the opportunities you found before

2 - Develop GtM model

outline engagement model and detail requirements

3 - Define commercial set up

functions at local and central level

4 - Detetail roles and responsbilities

across functions

5 - Derive investment requirements

detail requirements and update financial plan

6 - Ensure GtM model integration

Align with client both at local and central and get buy-in


This is how you solve a project like that in real life :)

For a case study I would just focus on the major points I've mention, if you are able to springle here and there some of this information you will impress them

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Anonymous A on Jul 07, 2019

Hey Jamie - I really appreciate the response, I'm still a bit confused as to how we would reach a number though. Is it strictly based on the size of the market or are there methods to identify specific opportunities?

Jamie on Jul 08, 2019

Well, in real life it depends on a number of factors: number of accounts in said market; what the client wants to prioritize; benchmark with other markets accounts. those will be the 3 main factors. I can give you more details privately if you want

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