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Anonymous A asked on May 22, 2018


I recently found out that BCG was actively recruiting experienced-hire associates and decided to purse that lead.

I reached out to a recruiter and had a call with them to talk about timelines and ask questions about the interviewing process. The recruiter told me to send her an email once I have applied so that she may track my application. She also said the turnaround is quick and that I should hear back within a week.

I emailed her once I submitted my application. About a week later I did not hear back so I sent an email to her but did not get a response. It has now been ~2.5 weeks since I submitted my application and she told me interviews were at the end of the month but the application process is rolling.

I also reached out to a project manager and had a networking call. At the end, I asked him to follow up with the recruiter and he offered to do so in-person once he got back to the office this week.

I have not heard back and wanted advice on any other things I should do to try to secure a first-round. I do not want to be overbearing but also want to make sure I am proactive. Any tips / suggestions on next steps?

For context, I am a first-year analyst at a Big 4 equivalent competitor consulting firm considering a lateral move and graduated from a target school.

Thanks all!

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replied on Oct 12, 2023
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Unfortunately, sometimes the process slips and applications fall through the cracks.

If anyone is faced with a similar situation, I would suggest to follow up gently with both the recruiter and the consultant.


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replied on May 22, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

in general, it is not particular useful to connect with HR, as the true referrals with possible leverage will actually come from consultants. Given you have also already connected with a consultant, assuming you managed to have the right conversation with him (if he volunteered to talk with HR you probably followed the correct steps there), I believe you have three paths to follow:

  • Send a followup email to the consultant, restating you would be happy to have the opportunity to show your interest for the company in an interview. Since the consultant mentioned he would talk with HR this week, I would suggest waiting the end of the week before sending the followup
  • Proceed with applications for other strategy firms (skipping the HR conversation and focusing on current consultants for referrals). This could have two benefits: (i) provide a backup so far that BCG won’t call you; (ii) if you manage to obtain an offer from another company, could provide leverage for receiving an invitation from BCG and speed up the process (I did so with BCG and managed to complete the recruiting process in just 4 days after I mentioned I had already an offer from another firm)
  • Connect with someone else at BCG, ideally in another office so far that you are flexible in terms of locations. If in the meantime you hear back from BCG, you could still use the call to ask further questions to a current consultant. If you don’t hear back from them, you could try to leverage the connection for a further attempt of referral.

For more information on moving from big 4 to MBB you can take a look to the following thread:


Hope this helps,


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