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Anonymous A asked on Apr 02, 2021

Hey guys,

some of you might have seen my question from yesterday. Really appreciated your help, great input for me. One more question has come up to my mind during the last day.

I wanted to ask you if you have any input for me what might be better regarding exit options. I would love to work in a corporate later or in VC. Do you think it would be better to go for the Tier2 firm and look at different strategic topics or go for the big4 firm and focus in a certain area e.g. finance?

I would really appreciate your input here!! Happy Easter and best regards from Hamburg!


on Apr 04, 2021
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on Apr 04, 2021
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Hi there,

In general Tier 2 will offer better options for strategy positions in corporates, but it also depends on the specific role you are targeting.

It also depends on what you mean by Tier 2 ;) I would personally consider Tier 2 RB, OW, Kearney and Strategy&, although there is no exact list for it.

VC is supercompetitive, whatever option you choose (I worked for one and got lucky getting in, even with the BCG brand).

If you have a clear idea of the exit, just look for the number of alumni of the companies you have offers from on LinkedIn for that specific position. That should help to understand which company is a better fit for that.



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Hi there!

I have a few thoughts here to help guide you :)

  1. Cast your net wide first - it will inevitably get narrowed, and your choice may ultimately be made for you (or simplified) regardless. My view: Apply to Tier 2 AND Big 4
  2. Don't compare Tier 2 and Big 4 in aggregate - Some tier 2 are better than some Big 4 and vice-versa. Rather, once you have interviews/offers for a subset, compare those specific companies!
  3. Prioritize on your goals/gut feeling - You need to enjoy your day-to-day job and the people around you. This is the most important if you want long-term success! As such, once you start networking/interviewing, think critically about which specific companies/divisions/teams seem to fit with you best.

Good luck in this decision!

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If you end up in a role & firm NOW that is a better fit with your career aspirations, values and risk apetite, you will be happier, perform better and carve out the right exit for yourself. Don't make choices now for a future event which you cant predict and have no control over. If I advice you take Tier 2 strategy as it could offer better exit, but if you dont fit well in the role and firm, you will get frustrated!

There is no perfect job. Like everything in life, there will be ups and down. So go for a "better fit" & focus on enjoying the job. Rest will happen.

All the best.

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For me is a no brainer, I would to with Tier2



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Hi, tier2 can be preferable, especially the strongest in your country (e.g. RB, OW are super in Germany)


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