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Double recommandation > Single one ?

Anonymous A asked on Mar 13, 2019

Dear Preploungers,

[Context] I am currently applying to MBB firms and securing insider recommandations in that perspective.

[Question] I am wondering what would be the impact of a doubly recommanded application.

[Hypotheses] By doubling the referral occurence, does it convey a stronger profile that should be "more" invited as it is not only coming from one but two employees ? or is it totally neutral, if not counterproductive to pollute HRs with duplicates ?

Looking forward to your views on the matter. Thanks for your inputs.

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replied on Mar 13, 2019
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Dear Anonymous,
It really depends on your profile. If you do have "a non target profile" (week GPA, Non target school or not top notch internships/experience), that might help.

Otherwise, It is quite useless and sometimes frustrating for HRs if they want to get through the screening process to do it twice.

Thus I would recommend double recommandation only if one is by mail and one is verbal (someone going to HR saying you're a very strong candidate)

I hope that helps,
If you have any follow up question, do not hesitate to reach out.

Vlad replied on Mar 13, 2019
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The double recommendation does not make any sense, however, the higher the position of the person recommending you is - the better.