Does MBB in ME region do PMO/Implementation?

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Hi Everyone,

Was wondering if any of the MBB in the ME did any PMO or implementation work. As I was led to believe most of their work is purely strategic, but have heard of some consultants being staffed close to a year on a single client at BCG for example.


on Jul 18, 2020
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on Jul 18, 2020
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100% In fact I almost embarked on a 3-month PMO project over there a couple years back.

Additionally, if you are interested in PMO/implementation and you're not able to get staffed on anything, you can always look to an eventual office transfer or short term staffing assignment to fill this need!

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Implementation projects are increasingly important for McKinsey as they diversify their offerings. There are many projects like this in all regions including the ME

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Hi there,

Definitely true!

I'm currently a MBB Consultant in the Dubai office and I can say from experience that implementation cases happen in the region - still strategic work is more commom.

You will definitely need to network and push staffing to be on these cases (and potentially be a bit flexible on the industry you want to be ...)


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Thanks Jamie, that's good to know. How was your staffing experience btw? Is your preference taken into consideration?
At the beginning better, but now with COVID and fewer cases sometimes you get what you get. Once business picks up I expect things to go back to normal


Yes, indeed, I can totally confirm you that implementation also happens. For instance, some years ago, McK was being the PMO for a huge infrastructure development in UAE.

It´s not an exception.

Hope it helps!



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Dear A,

Yes. Every consulting company, including BB is doing a lot of PMO work on the strategic project in ME region, as well as worldwide. This is simply due to the nature of the business. After the Strategy has been developed for the client, the follow-up, PMO implementation, project is the logical step to up-sale your clients, therefore McKinsey, BCG and Bain, as well as all other big players in the ME and worldwide have developed the implementation practices to cover this specific kind of project. So the chances that you will staffed at the MBB firm in the Middle East on one of the implementation projects during the first years of career are pretty high and there is nothing bad about it, because with a time you would be about to develop stronger client-relationships and take even more responsibility, which is also positiove for your personal development and career.

If you need any further advice on MBB or any other firms in the ME, reach out to me since I have a broad network of my friends, former colleagues and many mentees whom I placed in the region.




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