Does background check include the information provided in the employment screening form?

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Anonymous A asked on Oct 11, 2022


I rounded the current GPA from 2.9x to 3 in a bank graduate program application screening form. I did not mention GPA in CV. I also updated my CV in the application and changed some sentences in the previous job description which are not exactly the same as those in the form. I am wondering if the background check will check the current GPA information from the application form. It seems I cannot edit the form now, may I ask for some advice about my mistake? 

Thank you!

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replied on Oct 19, 2022
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Hi there, 

I don't imagine this would be a problem. If they have any questions about it, be open about how you chose to round the number. Don't worry about it more than necessary. 



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replied on Oct 12, 2022
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Was it 2.93 or was it 2.96?

If it was the former, that's not great - please stop doing that!

You can round 2.95 and above to 3.

My advice about your mistake is to be honest and truthful. That way you won't have these problems. My other advice is to think about future consequences when you make current decisions - this “problem” wasn't particularly hard to predict.

Now, you should be just fine here (I don't think it would knock you out of the process). But please be careful moving forward!

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replied on Oct 24, 2022
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There are some mistakes that after doing them, there isn't much you can do about it.

Rounding your GPA? Ok, if going from 2 decimals to 1 decimal (2.95 to 3.0), using the commonly accepted rounding rules.

Adjusting job description? If it is not something major, it is fine. Job descriptions not always reflect the real job and responsibilities. But… it must be credible. You cannot state a completely different role or responsibility level.

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