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Discussion: Which is tougher- getting selected to interview or the actual interviews themselves?

Anonymous A

Hi, this is just a question out of curiosity.

I know typically it is pretty difficult getting shortlisted by the MBBs to interview if you're from a non-target as you'd need stellar results and connections. However, where I am from (in SEA), the BAs are reserved for local graduates and foreign graduates from "better" universities enter at Associate level instead. I would say this makes the process of getting shortlisted considerably easier.

Hence, I was trying to evaluate if the entire process here is easier as compared to other countries. I would say that the case portion of the interview can be practiced and learnt to the point that arguably anyone can do well.

Wanted to hear opinions on this. Thanks!

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Vlad replied on 10/20/2018
McKinsey / Accenture / Got all BIG3 offers / More than 300 real MBB cases / Harvard Business School


From what I've seen the interview process for the top schools is much easier than the interview process for non-target schools.

But comparing the interview success rates and resume selection rates is like comparing apples to oranges - not really sure how it can help you


Guennael replied on 10/19/2018
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Here are some rough numbers that were valid in my office a few years ago:

60 applicants

20 1st round interviewees

5 2nd round interviewees

1 position

Hope this helps!

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