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Anonymous A asked on May 06, 2018


I have applied for BA, and received an offer as Senior BA. Id like to know the differences between them in terms of: deliverables, expectations and client engagement level.

My first impression is that this is a great start, might be tougher though. Any other ways of interpreting it ?


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replied on May 07, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

I don’t have direct experience with ATK, but as general rule for MBB the differences between BA and SBA are the following:

  • Better client relationship skills – assumption you could be left with a client without major alignment and collect the required information/ material
  • Better output delivery (analysis/slides) – less mistakes, faster delivery
  • More reliability in terms of coworkers/supervisor relationships – better listening and communication skills, ability to potentially lead junior resources if/when needed

Unless you have consulting experience, starting as SBA will place at initial slight disadvantage compared to someone who did the classic 2-year period as BA (at the bare minimum you don’t know the classic firm internal procedure). However, there is no reason to worry – key thing is to keep a humble attitude and follow some best practice. Specifically, I would suggest the following:

  1. Take notes when your manager tells you something – this will help you to remember details and will show you care about them to the team.
  2. Ask for feedback every two-three weeks – this will show you are proactive and willing to learn.
  3. Always double check. First impression is very important in consulting: if you show you are reliable from the beginning, you will create a reputation of a reliable person.
  4. Ask for help when you don't know what to do – better to let know you are in trouble with meeting a deadline then missing the deadline.
  5. Be social and respectful with the support staff – these people are great and influential as well in the company.



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updated an answer on May 07, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

Congrats, it's a great start ! From my experience it's not so usual, unless you had work experience before (not internship).

In any cases, SBA is the natural progression after BA, and teams are usually excited to go throught since its their first promotion. In terms of expectations, its obviously higher but it general the transition is smooth. In particular, the followings are expected from SBA compared to a BA :

- More autonomy

- Higher analytics abilities : crunch, systematic cross check

- Higher exposition to client

- Opportunites of management : on some mission you may have to work with an intern to help you on your scope

Of course it's a challenge, but I would not worry too much, since you received this proposition it means that they evaluated your abilities. Furthermore, when joining the company the staffing is adapted to your learning curve.




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