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Anonymous A asked on Jul 28, 2019 - 4 answers

I got a 45-min first round phone interview with Deloitte, and it's a combined 30 min case interview and a 15 min behavioral interview. I have been invited to interviews with other consulting firms before, but I don't quite understand how phone interview works - how are they supposed to give us data sheet in a phone interview? Are phone case interviews different from traditional case interviews?

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Alexander replied on Jul 28, 2019

If it's a pure phone interview, the answer is simply: There won't be any exhibits. This means that you will either have a case that is very qualitative and works well on a high level, thereby not requiring exhibits, or that he will tell you any numbers you need over the phone.

Other than that, it should work like a regular case interview. At least I'm not aware of Deloitte having any out-of-the-ordinary aspects, but maybe someone who has already interviewed with them can give you a better idea. Good luck!

Jamie replied on Jul 28, 2019
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In the Firm that I currently work for (Tier 2), first 2 rounds are usually phone interviews.

In most cases they are 1h long, and the same structure: FIT -> CASE -> Q&A

As you can imagine I cannot send you any exhibits over the phone but dont expect this to be any less quantitative then any other case.

Doing it over the phone adds another level of complexity because I cannot see your notes or yourself, therefore you will need to be an even better communicator and come across likable and try to form a bond over the phone which is more diificult in my opinion.

My 2cents

Francesco replied on Jul 31, 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

I agree with the previous answers, you won’t have exhibits if it is a phone interview (while you may have some if it is a video interview). The interview process will be the same as for a face-to-face interview (fit questions, case, your questions).

Below you can find some tips for a phone interview:

  1. Prepare the place for the call. A quiet environment is a must-have
  2. Prepare on the wall in front of you the material you need (structures, tips for fit part, etc) so you won't have to look for it during the interview
  3. Prepare your own questions. Relevant questions at the end are a great way to show your interest in the company and get additional points. This is particularly important in a phone/video interview, as the interviewer will naturally connect less with you. In the first reply at the link below you can find some tips on the ideal questions to ask at the end of your call:
  4. Smile during the call. Even if they cannot see you it's a good way to show energy
  5. Use numbers when communicating your structure. This will make easier for the interviewer to follow you, since he/she cannot see you. As an example:“In order to help our client, I would like to focus on three main areas. First, I would like to focus on [FIRST TOPIC], secondly on [SECOND TOPIC], finally on [THIRD TOPIC]. Let me start with the first one."

Hope this helps,


Vlad replied on Jul 28, 2019
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Even on the live interviews most of the cases don't have the datasheets or charts, so the exact form does not really matter.

  • You'll have standard questions (Tell ,e abut yourself, why consulting, why the company, your questions to them, etc)
  • They'll describe the company and the role
  • You might have a case (probably easier than on the live interview)