Deloitte Interview Process - Round 2: What to Expect?

Rebecca asked on Jul 10, 2019

I'd like a bit of clarification on the Deloitte interview process I'm currently involved in. I'm an experianced consultant with many years spent at IBM where I managed a portfolio of enterprise customers. My Deloitte interview experience doesn't seem in alignment with what others have shared as a general process on preplounge. My first call was the recruiter screen ('fit test'?). My second interview call is one day away, with a Partner focused on PLM. As far as I know, interview 2 is simply another call, no mention of a case interview as others have stated was their experiance. If given the green light, I'm expected in Chicago next week for the actual 'live' case interview. I asked the recruiter to share the structure of that 3rd meeting, but did not hear back. Entering a discussion without knowing what to expect makes it hard to prepare. Anyone else experiance similar?


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