Big4 Case interview (2nd Round)

Big4 Case Interview
Anonymous A asked on May 02, 2019

Hi All,

I have already had my first interview with Big4 and had received confirmation mid-April on the phone that I will be further instructed regarding the 2nd round case interview. Since then I have not received any email/ phone call, So a couple of days ago I decided to approach the HR regarding this but have not received any reply yet.

Could you please advice me what should I do next? Should I just wait for their response?

Thank You in advance


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Hi Anonymous,

I would call directly the HR – it would be the easier way to get a reply.



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I guess you have only one option - call / e-mail the HR again. Or did I miss anything?


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Congrats for moving to final round!

As it has been outlined, its very similar, but :

  • Cases you can expect are more "free riding" - less organized than the ones your found in the 1st round or most prep pages
  • Stronger emphasis in the FIT part, as outlined before by other coaches.

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge and preparation on the FIT part, the "Integrated FIT guide for MBB" has been recently published in PrepLounge´s shop (

It provides an end-to-end preparation for all three MBB interviews, tackling each firms particularities and combining key concepts review and a hands-on methodology. Following the book, the candidate will prepare his/her stories by practicing with over 50 real questions and leveraging special frameworks and worksheets that guide step-by-step, developed by the author and her experience as a Master in Management professor and coach. Finally, as further guidance, the guide encompasses over 20 examples from real candidates.

Furthermore, you can find 3 free cases in the PrepL case regarding FIT preparation:

- Intro and CV questions >

- Motivational questions >

- Behavioural questions (ENTREPRENEURIAL DRIVE) >

Feel free to PM me for disccount codes for the Integrated FIT Guide, since we still have some left from the launch!

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