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Anonymous A asked on Aug 19, 2018


What is perceived as more "high end" between strategy consulting and a graduate program in a Global 500?

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Anonymous replied on Aug 19, 2018

I did both and I would strongly suggest strategy consulting.

The opportunity that an MBB experience in terms of learning and growth of a professional journey is incredible.

The pace in a corporate is incredible slower and even if you are part of a graduate program you still face it.

Join strategy consulting for 3-5 years and then jump in Global 500.

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Anonymous replied on Aug 19, 2018

Overall, agree with Giuseppe with the caveat that it also depends on what strategy consulting firm you choose.

Between MBB and Global 500, definitely MBB. With some 2nd/3rd tier firms, there could be an argument to be made that working at Global F500 could give you more prestige/recognition.

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Anonymous replied on Aug 21, 2018

I would definitely say that strategy consulting would generally be perceived as more "high end", assuming of course you are employed by MBB or perhaps even Tier 2. Otherwise I think the braand name and reputation would determine the glamour.

I started my career with a graduate programme and had a steep learning curve initially, however this soon plateaued and the job became less fulfilling as I became better at it, which is why I am now exploring strategy consulting. I think your learning curve and breadth of knowledge will be far greater in strategy consulting, and you would likely pick up a lot of industry knowledge that you would've gained in a graduate programme as well.

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