Competitive response cases - what factors would you consider to make a decision?

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asked on Jul 25, 2017
Looking for advanced/pro partners. Preparing for McK.

I'm curious to hear people's opinion about competitive response cases, which often is tangled with market entry, M&A, etc. I think Victor Cheng's 3C+P framework can be used but is too broad. What's your take?

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Anonymous A replied on Jul 25, 2017

First ask if the competitor aims to target the same segment(s) that we serve.

If so, then:

1- What are the customer segment's needs?

2- What are our comp adv (and link it to #1)

3- What are the competition's comp adv? (and link it to #1)

If you realize that we got the most important needs covered, that's a plus. If not, then we need to take more action depending on the factors that we are lacking. E.g. improve certain factors, lowering costs so we can lower price and maintain same PM, etc.

Hope this helps.

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