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New answer on Jun 29, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Jun 23, 2021

Is there any coach that would agree to coach someone who got an interview but having the payment after the candidate started the job?

(goes without saying that the candidate's profile and current level evaluation should be done prior to the agreement)


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Dear Anonymous,

thank you for your answer. Even though most of our experts here have already mentioned that PrepLounge is not the right platform for you if you are looking for such a payment method. I just wanted to confirm: All of the coaching sessions are paid in advance and coaches actually violate the PrepLounge regulations if they offer to be paid after the coachee has received the job offer.

Thank you for your understanding!


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Hi there,

Unfortunately that's not how it works. Much like a personal trainer at a gym, a tennis coach, a spanish teacher, or literally any other teaching/tutoring profession in the world, that's just not the format!

The main reason is not just that so much of your success depends on you putting in the time + effort, but also because, from a legal perspective a coach has literally 0 firepower to chase you for the money if you don't pay at the end of the engagement. International law won't help a coach force debt payments on a non-payee (it's why hacking and scamming attacks are growing rapidly). Even if they're in the same country/jurisdiction, the costs of pursuing the payment are far too high to make it worthwhile.

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Hi Anonymous,
as most people here have already said, this is against the rules of preplounge and preplounge does not seem to be the right platform for you regarding this method. 
Best regards!

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I would agree with other coaches that PrepL is not the page for that type of transactions -though there are other courses where you indeed pay when and if you are hired-. 



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Pretty sure that's against PL's regulations...

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Anonymous A on Jun 23, 2021
Can you maybe point out where specifically this is against PL's regulations?
Anonymous, you can only work with PL's clients on PL's platform, and that only works with pre-payment.