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Anonymous A asked on Jun 24, 2022

Hello there, 

I'm curious if coaching is helpful for someone who is bad at math, or if it's something that's really just best worked on on your own? 

What exactly do coaches do to help you get to being able to do efficient and mistake-free calculations – or is that just somewhere you'll get only through patient drilling?

What I mean by improving at math here is: 

- Being able to do efficient and error-free mental calculations (I'm slow and prone to mistakes)

- Being able to structure faster and manage large amounts of data given at the same time (I can typically get to setting up equations, just slow and can get lost in numbers)

For now, I'll continue with patient practice, but just wondering if there's a faster way there – any tips that aren't about coaching also much, MUCH welcome!




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replied on Jun 26, 2022
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Hi - great question.

Aside from practice, the best approach would be for a coach to give you cases specifically designed to test quant skills, observe where your weak points are and what is driving them and develop a plan with you to specifically address them.

In my experience it is not being “bad at math” that drives the issue but rather:
- Rushing due to stress
- Laying out the key numbers in the wrong way
- Trying to do a difficult calculation when a simple one would suffice

Once the root cause is identified then it will be easier to develop a solution.

I have helped many candidates (and mentees within consulting) with this and would be happy to support you if you choose to go down this route.

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replied on Jun 25, 2022
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Hi there,

100% it is! 

While coaching is a bit more common for frameworking, behavioral, etc., ultimately coaching is about helping you in the areas you can't help yourself.

Try to do it yourself (leverage Rocketblocks in particular). But, if you're still struggling after a few weeks, you need a coach - you have no choice!

I'm happy to help - I have a math/exhibits course that supports live coaching sessions. Essentially, I break down essentially how to think about math so as to stay organized, not get lost, approach it effectively, etc. There are numerous tips/tricks here that can “save” you in math!

In live sessions, we go through exercises specifically designed to teach you how to approach math properly, and put the tips/tricks into play!

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replied on Jun 26, 2022
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Coaches can give you math focused drills and provide insightful feedback as well as tips and tricks on how you can speed up numerical tasks in a case. I have helped multiple candidates in case math and have specific drills that are tailored towards this area . 

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replied on Jun 27, 2022
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That is great quesiton, since math doesn´t seem as straight forward as building issue trees… but the answer is the same: for sure a coach can help you! 

The math part is as standard as everything else in the process, once you know what you are dealing with - and a coach knows. 

Hope it helps!



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Conducted over 100 interviews for grads, interns & experienced hires
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