Changing office pref. at McK after r1 interview before r1 decisions go out?

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Anonymous A asked on Aug 19, 2019

Round-1 (r1)-interviewed at my local office last Friday. During the interview I was able to learn more about the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic offices. I am only interested in these two regions (and these are the two 'big' regions that I want to get into). However, now I am really excited about an office that I did not 'mark down' as a preference.

Is it worthwile to change it/email the recruiter (it's in the same region as my original preferences) or are things pretty much locked-in at this point?

Their decision to invite for r2 will happen sometime this week. Is this something I should do before or after their decision comes out?

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replied on Aug 19, 2019
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I would not recommend changing the region during the interviews (especially while waiting for the decision):

  • If the office is more competitive you might not even be invited if you apply there
  • You should be interviewed by the local office (so now your 1st round doesn't make sense)
  • It shows you as a person who can not make informed decisions

Unless it's absolutely critical for you, I would postpone the conversation until you get an offer / start working there


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