Cases on ride-sharing (BlaBlaCar-like)

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Dan asked on Apr 24, 2021
Looking to practice TMT cases (primarily telecom)


I am preparing for an interview with a ride-sharing company (like BlaBlaCar) and there will be a case on ride-sharing (or perhaps transportation in general).

Are you aware of any cases on ride-sharing? Or maybe some materials how to prepare for such a case?

I would appreciate enormously!


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Hi Dan,

I've helped a few candidates interview for Uber, and have interviewed for Deliveroo and Doordash myself (not ride-sharing, but similar business models and cost/revenue structures).

More than happy to give you mocks to simulate this interview! Unfortunately, there isn't much written material on this. (Normally how I prepare candidates for niche topics like these is I create the case the day before and provide mostly verbal information + data. This is not unlike what you may experience during the interview day itself).

The closest existing case that I am aware of is Ice Cream Co in Columbia 2017 which is an Ice Cream store that uses ride sharing to deliver its ice cream.

For transport in general theres:

  • Airport Parking - Ross Casebook
  • Transportation Tech Co - Darden
  • PayCo - Columbia


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Dan on Apr 24, 2021

Thank you, Ian! Much appreciated!

Ian on Apr 25, 2021

My pleasure!

Ian on Apr 25, 2021

Reach out if you need anything else!

replied on Apr 25, 2021
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Hey Dan,

feel free to reach out to me on anything related to mobility. I'm not aware of a case published here on preplounge that would fit your requirements perfectly, but I'm happy you help you prepare based on my experience.

There is a case from Deutsche Bahn on entering the long distance international bus market (it's in German, though).

Hope to hear from you, best regards


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