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Cases in German - case-vorbereitung.com

Anonymous A

Hello! I have very soon few interviews scheduled in Germany. SETECON and SENACOR will probably ask to solve the case in GErman. (It is expected as they operate in DACH region).

I have heard that case-vorbereitung.com is a good source of cases. Do you agree? can you suggest some other sources?

Is someone willing to share his access to case-vorbereitung.com with me paying a fee?

Thank you for your help!


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Currently non-active candidate replied on 11/14/2017

Dear Anonymous A,

Congratulations on your interview invitations from DETECON and SENACOR!

As already mentioned above we also offer several cases in German. To see our German cases, just change the language to German by clicking on the German flag on the bottom of the page or click on the following link: https://www.preplounge.com/de/case-sammlung. You can of course still change the language back to English :)

Your Talent-Management Team


Anonymous replied on 11/14/2017

The page you mentioned seems to be absolutely overpriced. 40 cases for 99 EUR are way too much! PrepLounge has also good German cases included in the premium membership.

Anonymous B replied on 11/14/2017

I do not know the page you mentioned, but I think solving the case will theoretically not be different compared to an English case. I would suggest practicing cases on preplounge with others in German is the most important factor for your success in a German case interview.