Cases for Organization Design and Organization Development (OD)?

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Dear preploungers,

I have an interview coming up at one of the Tier 2 consultancies (Roland Berger, Strategy& or Oliver Wyman) - the focus of the consulting role is on "Organization Design and Organization Development (OD)", and the Recruiting team explicitly told me that the cases will focus on these fields.

As these kind of cases appear to be different than "usual" consulting cases and I could not find any examples through research, I ask you:

  • Do you have any resources (e.g., casebooks, books, etc.) that focus on Organization Design and Development (OD) and provide examples and guidance on how to solve them?
  • Can you provide any insights on how to approach OD cases?

The consulting firm at hand deals with topics such as Shared Services Centers, Reorganizations, creating AGILE and flexible Organisations, Post-Merger-Integrations, Strategic Workforce Planning and even Cultural Change within organizations.

Thank you very much!

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I agree with Daniel. Some additional words I would search for include:

  • Transformation
  • Re-org
  • Operations
  • M&A (some require thinking about a re-org)
  • PMO
  • Behavior/culture change

Within PrepLoung, the following topics may have some good cases:

  • Capacity Change
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Operations Strategy
  • Organizational behavior

Off the top of my head, "Made to Measure" from Stern 2015-2016 is a potential good one.

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I guess you had a proper look on their websites. Sometimes consulting companies offer examples. Alternatively, ask HR if they can provide you with examples. You can argue that you want to be well-prepared for the interview.

I recommend not to focus purely on keywords. PrepLounge has some cases on Operations and Organizational Behaviour, which are also linked to OD. If you practice intensively, you will become generally good at doing case interviews and you will be able to excel in topics with which you haven't been familiar yet. There is no general framework for solving cases hence no general guidance and solution. Furthermore, google for consulting club casebooks of schools like Wharton, MIT, etc. You can find them easily online.

Central message: Don't rely on keywords, seek for related topics and do those cases.




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