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Anonymous A asked on Jun 27, 2020


I am wondering what business school case books (or other case books) have an industry overview? Which year and Which School? Thanks

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Alexander replied on Jun 27, 2020

I rather like the industry overviews in the Darden 2018 case book and the Fuqua 2019 case book. Further, the Columbia case club published an industry overview in 2018: Each industry overview was compiled by a dfiferent person and the quality varies, but overall is quite high.

One thing that all neglect (for obvious reasons) is the impact of COVID-19. If you are interviewing now, I would recommend reflecting on how the different industries have been hit by the crisis and how they'll continue to be impacted. All large consulting firms are heavily publishing on this topic right now and you'll easily find resources.

Hope this helps!

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Anonymous A on Jun 28, 2020

Thanks. Great answer

Anonymous replied on Jun 27, 2020

Hey! Look at Ross School of Business books. They typically have overviews of industries including key industry drivers, challenges, etc.

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replied on Jul 01, 2020
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Stern (2017+)

Ross (2015+)

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replied on Jun 29, 2020
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For me, CBS, Columbia, are the best at this. However, best is to get bits and pieces from different materials and build your own.

Hope it helps!



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