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Case interview language

Anonymous A

Hello everyone,

what is the general practice in MBB regarding case interview language? Are they conducted in english, national language or mixed (e.g. first round in German, second in English)?

Thank you.

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Tyrion Lannister replied on 07/10/2018

I think it depends on the office.

Some offices might be functionally English even in non-English-speaking regions: think Southeast Asia, some German offices, the pan-African offices, et cetera.

Others might be firmly lingoucentric (a word I just made up): think Paris, Istanbul, Sãa Paulo.

In the case of the former, expect the majority of your interviews to be in English. In south-east Asia, for example, 100% of my interviews where in English.

In the case of the latter, I would expect at least 50% of the interviews to be in the office's local language with at least one interview in English. I haven't got further specifics to back this up.

Of course, if you're interviewing in the Anglophones (Australia/US/London offices), expect to do everything in English unless you're applying for a unique, non-client facing role where fluency in another specific language has been specified.

Good luck!

Vlad replied on 06/29/2018
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In most of the cases, it's mixed, but the majority will be conducted in the national language.


replied on 06/29/2018
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most interviews will be conducted in your national language, but there will be at least one interview in English to test your English skills. In case you listed additional foreign languages on your CV be prepared to be tested on those as well (make sure you listed the level adequately)



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