Can I apply to the same program but different locations with PWC?

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New answer on Apr 24, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Apr 23, 2021

So basically I applied to the PWC Assurance graduate program in the GCC on 11/March and got ghosted (Application Received | Status Unchanged). I can't help but feel like I wasted an application with PWC as you can only apply once every 6 months.

I was wondering if I can apply to the same program in a different GCC country? (e.g. UAE or Kuwait instead of the country I originally applied to)? They have the same program available for these locations and the applications are open.

I tried really hard to get in touch with the local office to which I originally applied to get a timeframe for their decision-making process or feedback on my application or even ask them if I can apply to another location but have been met with radio silence.

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Hey there!

The Situation is really difficult. However, I would suggest you to contact the second office you want to apply to, explain your situation and ask them if you can submit you application in such conditions. Also, don't give up on the PWC you applied to - it might take longer now to look through all applications and get in contact. Fingers crossed everything works out for you,


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Hi there,

Have you tried to network with consultants of the original office where you applied? They may be able to help internally to follow up with HR. Worst case, you may have someone that may help with a future application.

If that doesn't work, I agree with Gaurav and Ian that contacting the new office first would make sense.



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Hi there,

Sorry to hear.

I agreed with Gaurav - I would reach out to this 2nd office and see if you can get any info.

That said, you may as well try to withdraw your other application and submit an application to this 2nd one - it's worth a shot!

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