Can I apply to a different position at McKinsey after 3 months?

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New answer on Dec 16, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Dec 15, 2020


I applied 3 months ago to an Implementation Consultant role at McKinsey, and did not get an interview. I just found out that Consultant - Capital Productivity actually matches my skills; Can I apply? Or do I have to wait 18 months before doing so (and apply elsewhere).

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updated an answer on Jan 26, 2021
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Hi there!

There is no rule or law that would say you shouldn't apply for a different position at the same company. So you definitely can and should apply again, especially if you feel like you're a good match.

To get an invitation to a job interview this time, be sure to do update your CV and Cover letter. Include skills suitable for this job and emphasize your strong points that could be useful for this position..

Keep in mind that in average, only 1% of all the people applying for McKinsey get hired.

While waiting for the reply, don't forget to prepare: study your cases and run interview simulations - alone, with a study-buddy or find a coach. Always be ready and believe in yourself.

Do you have any questtions? I'll be happy to answer them.

Aim high!



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replied on Dec 15, 2020
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Hi there,

I would go ahead and apply. My guess is you will not get blocked from this. Regardless, it's worth a shot.

Now, given that you did not get an interview, just reflect on whether there were reasons other than the role itself that were the reason for your rejection. Are you sure your CV/Resume is up to scratch? Have you networked sufficiently?

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replied on Dec 15, 2020
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From your message, it's unclear whether you got a reject or did not get any response at all. But in any case, you can apply since its a different role


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replied on Dec 16, 2020
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You can apply.

The 18 months ban you are referring to is when you are rejected.

Best would be having a referral to boost your application.

Hope it helps!



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