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Anonymous A asked on Aug 09, 2019

What would be the typical timeline to hear back after an interview? Had my final interview 2 weeks ago and yet to hear back from the partner. HR replied to my email last week saying that the partner had been travelling and was unwell, and that I would be contacted by the end of the following week. However, have yet to receive a call. Reckon that's a guaranteed rejection?

Note: Experience hire interview for a 2nd yr AC position in a Southeast Asian office.

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replied on Aug 09, 2019
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typically that should not happen - no matter if it's a rejection or not. Quite unusual, at least from my experience.

But it will very likely be a rejection. Otherwise, HR would have immediately told someone to call you.



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Anonymous A on Aug 09, 2019

Any idea if it's standard for the partner to call themselves to reject a candidate? I was hoping that if it was a clear reject HR would have just informed me themselves.

John on Aug 09, 2019

Really depends on the firm and on the office. I have seen both. You could call HR again. They won't mind...

Anonymous replied on Aug 09, 2019

Be persistent, yet personable (of course). I suggest calling up HR directly. Often, speaking to someone to discuss the situation means it gets prioritised quickly. Especially if you're clear that you've been waiting a couple weeks now.

Personally, I would not jump to conclusions eitherway as it is possible something else is going on - no need to stress if you don't have to :)

All the best!

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replied on Aug 09, 2019
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Chances are high it's a rejection, but you should push the HR again.


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