Business Consulting @ Kaiser Permanente

John asked on Aug 02, 2019 - 1 answer

Hi I just graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics, and I am finishing up my data analytics internship at Kaiser in about a month.

Currently I am in the final interview for a Business Consultant role at Kaiser, and I haven’t done really much research in consulting interviews; however I have watched several introductory videos to familiarize myself with MECE frameworks, etc.

Since Kaiser is a nonprofit healthcare company I was wondering would anyone have any tips or things that you would think to be crucial to acing this interview?

Any recommendations for websites or books that can help me prepare for my final interview in less a week?

Thank you so much!!! This will be officially my first “real” job out of college and I’m really hoping to do my absolute best!


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Anonymous A replied on Aug 27, 2019

How did it go? I also will be doing a case study interview in less than a week! Curious as to how your experience went and what resources you found to be the most valuable.

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