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Break tech offer for MBB

Anonymous A asked on Mar 17, 2018 - 3 answers

Hi all,

i recently accepted an offer from a tech firm (think FB, Google, Dropbox) and I received an offer from MBB now.

Can I break my contract? Any experience and advice how to approach is appreciated. I haven’t started at the tech firm yet.

Thank you!


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replied on Mar 17, 2018
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  1. Legally you still can break this contract, they will not sue you if you do it in a polite way
  2. You'll have to give back the sign on bonus if you have one
  3. You'll never get a job in this company again (and in any company that this company acquires)

To mitigate the consequences you should:

  • Be transparent with a tech firm that you want to move to a different company
  • Explain your reasoning
  • Talk openly not only to HR but also to the manager of the team where you were supposed to be hired
  • Be very polite

But you should think twice - do you really think MBB is a better place than a Big Tech nowadays?

If you want to work in Tech in the future - I would go there directly. If you want to be a consultant / pursue some other career - move forward with MBB. Keep in mind that consulting option will always be with you.


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replied on Mar 17, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

assuming you have assessed that MBB is the best option for you, this is what I would suggest:

  1. Check there are no penalties in the contract for breaking it. In some countries there are penalties enforced by universities for MBA students if they break a signed contract. In case they are present, you should negotiate accordingly with the tech firm.
  2. Check there are no issues according to your country legislation. In case there are penalties, you should negotiate accordingly with the tech firm.
  3. Call HR and explain the situation; be clear on the fact you didn’t expect to have the MBB offer and did not interview after the offer was extended (if that’s the case), otherwise you would have not signed with them in the first place. Consider contacting the people in the division you interviewed as well to explain the same.



Anonymous A replied on Mar 17, 2018

Thanks for both answers.

Follow up question:

How long can I push MBB start date by? If 1Y, perhaps working at this tech company first would be an option?