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Boutique consultancies in the field of shared value, intersection of business and society


Hi everybody,

I am currently in the process for some top tier and tier 2 consultancies, but i was wondering what specialised consultancies are active in the field of shared value (i know this sounds a bit generic). To be clear, i do not mean non-profits and not necessarily CSR, but firms that generally focus on not only the financial perspective, but also societal dimension and emphasise the synergies between the two.

One example i know is Manadalah, http://www.mandalah.com/.

I am wondering whether there are more firms with a similar focus? - Find that field quite fascinating and sometimes wonder whether an edgy, boutique firm would be more exciting in that sense in comparison to the classic MBB.

Also related to that, does anybody of you have expertise on how pro-bono projects at the Top3 are organised?

Many thanks in advance


Guennael replied on 09/26/2016
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Pro Bono cases are organised the same way the others are, except you often stay in the home office more to save on travel costs. Same team structure, frequency of client meetings, grading scale... everything is basically the same except for the billing, which you don't care about as a fresh new consultant