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Anonymous A asked on Jun 04, 2022

I am about to graduate with my bachelor's in IT (strong interests in finance) and will start a career in consulting. I'd prefer strategy consulting, but I didn’t manage to get in as I applied late. I now have 3 offers.

Accenture Financial Services as Consultant Business Analysis

EY Strategy and Transactions, Financial Services as Consultant Business Modelling, Valuations

Deloitte Data-Strategy Consultant

Which one would be a better fit to make a good exit as a strategy consultant, or a very good industry position?

In terms of employers' reputation, my ranking would be

Accenture > Deloitte > EY

But in terms of role and division, it would be the other way round. And I think that that counts the most, does it?

My ultimate goal would be to get into the management (as a strategist, or CFO) of a technology firm.


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replied on Jun 06, 2022
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Hi there, 

Congrats on the many offers! It's a fortunate position to be in and a confirmation of your abilities!

As you mention yourself, it depends very much on what your objectives are long-term. 

Since all of these are junior positions, if you're planning on moving into management / strategy consulting in a couple of years, you might want to opt for a firm that has more prestige. This will make your move into top / MBB-type firms easier. 

Otherwise, if you'd like to be with this firm longer term, it might make sense to develop functional knowledge into a specific area and then I would choose whatever topic you are most interested in.


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replied on Jun 05, 2022
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Congrats! 3 offers as a fresh graduate is no small thing..well done. Feel grateful.

Your personal assessment is right and I can vouch for that as ex-ACN and ex-Deloitte. However, since you are starting out fresh all those 3 companies are very good overall. So, at the end of it, what's important is mutual FIT in terms of:

  1. Yours and the companies' values
  2. Aspirations i.e. type of work you really want to do
  3. Role 
  4. Risk

You should have a good idea of above based on the interview experience and your own research. Once there is a good FIT, you enjoy the work, give your best and forget about outcome/future. 

Dont worry too much about future and exit opportunities. Perform well on the job, learn and great opportunities will come your way. Don't make a choice NOW hoping for something to happen in future. It may or may not turn out that way. The world is still very volatile since COVID.

Have a look at this article for more detailed guidance and how to choose well-

All the best!

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Max on Jun 08, 2022

Hi, thank you very much! Given your previous experience with Accenture, I'm curious as to how it differs from Accenture Strategy. The role appears to me (at least in Germany) to be focused on implementing an application into a financial services organization and then moving on to the next firm. This appears to be more of a 9 to 5 job with a lot of repetition. While in the other two firms (EY and Deloitte), the projects and tasks I'll be doing will vary from case to case, providing me with more challenges. But then, on the other hand, most recently EY is more and more likely to split its audit and advisory business in order to achieve the same success as Accenture accomplished previously. Would this harm the reputation on the short-term (as it would need to start new)?

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replied on Jun 07, 2022
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Hi there,

I understand that the other coaches have seemed to give “generic” answers and I'm about to do the same…but we're not being generic.

These 3 offers are all good and you should be happy with all of them.

Ultimately I can see the pros and cons of every single one.

If it were me, I would first recognize that no matter what I'll be fine. Then, I would trust my gut. Which role/company do I think I'll fit best with, enjoy the most, learn the most from?

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replied on Jun 09, 2022
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Congrats! i agree with Ian here: all are great and you won´t make a mistake with any of them. 

Trust your gut!

Is the location the same? This can be a distinguishing factor too…

Hope it helps!



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