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Anonymous A asked on Aug 01, 2021

Hi all, 

I'm curently considering moving from big 4 corporate strategy  in a small market (Eastern Europe) to big 4 m&a strategy in the MEA (mostly middle east) region. Cross-border excahnge doesn't exist in my current market, which is the principal reason the moves seems attractive to me. I'd like the oportunity to learn and be challenged by cases in new territories. 

What type of work can I expect to do as a big 4 m&a strategy professional in the middle east? Will it primarily be CDD? Can I expect to do end-to-end M&A strategy i.e. advise on strategyic approach to M&A, target hunting, target screening, due diligence, integration, divestitures and separations, joint ventures/alliances, corporate finance, etc? Or will the try strategic part of the work be done by the Bains & McKinseys, leaving only DD to the Big 4? What will the exit opportunities be for big 4 m&a strategy professionals? Will I be restricted to the value creation teams of PEs, or will I still have a shot at becoming CEO of a market leading firm one day? Please advise. 

Thank you!!!

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replied on Aug 02, 2021
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Hi there!

Perhaps if you can PM some more details or specific firm names - then I can give you a more accurate picture.



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replied on Aug 02, 2021
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Hi there,

To be perfectly honest the answer here depends on 1) Which Big 4, 2) What office 3) Your role and 4) A lot of luck and who you get assigned to project-wise.

Your best bet to get a better sense of this answer is to networking extensively with people who currently work in Big4 M&A in the ME!

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replied on Aug 25, 2021
Principal | Former Head Recruiter for EY-Parthenon and Recruiter for Bain, Roland Berger and Internal Corporate Strategy

Hi there,

Not all Big4 M&A teams are strong in strategy, but in my opinion (at least) EY-Parthenon is.

Does this mean you will do all the type of work you mentioned? Not really, because the work is done by somewhat specialized teams. 

  • A strategist can work on the M&A growth strategy, CDD, contribute to the PMI, and even provide input to the corporate finance team building the valuation model. 
  • You may be more operational and help with the operational due dilligence, PMI and integration PMO.
  • The finance work usually stays at EY (target identification/screening, financial due diligence, valuation and modelling, etc.).

Moreover, the consulting firms' offers are end-to-end, but case work rarely is: usually clients bring a “piece at a time”. Given this, CDD work will be more frequent.

What I can tell you is that EY-P has a broader offer than MBB on the transation work, is strong at M&A related strategy work, and the multiple teams work in a nicely integrated way (this makes a huge difference). So you won't be able to work on everything, but with time you will get exposure to everything. I did ;)

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