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Best practice cover letter examples

Rowan asked on Sep 01, 2019 - 1 answer


I am preparing my applications for the upcoming recruitment cycle, but am not sure about the length or form of my cover letter. If there is anybody who could give me a good example of a 'best practice' cover letter I would be very grateful.

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replied on Sep 02, 2019
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Hi Rowan,

I can't share any cover letter, but can surely help with the structure. An excellent cover letter for consulting roles should include the following:

- Intro (name, current role in the current company, which role you are applying for and which company) - no more than 2 lines

- Why I want to be a consultant (this could include the career acceleration, travel, new challenges, frequent change of industry / function / clients / colleagues, new realities and new cultures, challenging environment where I feel I have always give my best, ...). If you have a "why this firm" this is the right section - 5-7 lines

- What your previous experiences and your intrinsics can bring to the firm (why the firm should hire you): (this could include great analytics developed in that university extracurricular project, team-working showed during that national championship, ...) - 5-7 lines

- Conclusions and closure - 1-2 lines

General tips:

- Total length about 1/2 page

- No repetitions of concepts already stated in the CV

- The HR team wants to read here your motivation, your passion, your enthusiasm. You cover letter should shout "I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU" (+ "I'm a genius, you should be mad not hire me)